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This page is for our alumni, Japanese researchers and friends associated with JSPS who wish to send a congratulatory message on the occasion of the organisation's 80th anniversary.

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Congratulations to JSPS on your 80th anniversary, and congratulations for all the successes that have been made possible by JSPS over the last 80 years. Long may they continue!

Here is to another 80 years of success!

Congratulations on your 80th Birthday. Many Happy Returns!!
Professor John Philip Matthews,
IPEHE, Kyoto University,
Kyoto 606-8501,JAPAN

Congratulations on a great achievement. May the coming years bring unprecedent success to JSPS.

Congratulations. I have visited Japan just once as a JSPS short-term fellow, which was not only scientifically very productive but also most educational and enjoyable; I shall return in a month, also as a JSPS short-term fellow, to which I am looking forward enormously (unfortunately, that means that I shall not be able to be in London for the celebration). You are making an enormous contribution to Japanese-British collaborative research, which we scientists appreciate well and for which we are exteremly grateful. Thank you. May you continue with the good work for at least another 80 years.