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UK- JSPS Alumni Association

The UK JSPS Alumni Association was established in 2003 by researchers who returned to the UK having been funded by a JSPS Fellowship Programme while in Japan (former Fellows). The UK JSPS Alumni Association is continuously increasing in size to currently over 200 members. With the help of the Executive Board and Regional Managers, the Alumni Association carries out a number of activities throughout the UK with numerous benefits for members. The Pre Departure Seminars prepare new fellows for their research experience in Japan. The Alumni Evenings are for members to network in an informal, relaxed atmosphere. There are presentations days for members to speak about their experiences as a fellow and encourage others to apply for JSPS funding programmes. Alumni members co organize symposia in cooperation with JSPS London at their respective universities, which presents the results of research collaboration with their Japanese partners. And finally the Furusato Award launched in 2008, is a travel bursary for fellows to maintain or create new collaborative links with the Japanese academic community.

The aims of the UK JSPS Alumni Association are:

  • To maintain and create academic links with Japan
  • To provide guidance to new Fellows and support Japanese researchers working in the UK
  • To conduct joint activities with academic institutions and counterpart agencies
  • To exchange information among Alumni members
  • To strengthen regional groups and their connections with Japan

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