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07 Nov 2017 Mind in World: A History of Distributed Cognition

Distributed cognition means that the mind is not ‘brainbound’ but extends across brain, body and world. Our project examines evidence of distributed cognition from Classical Greece to Modernism in Europe. Now we want to look at Japan and Asia. Join Dr Miranda Anderson for the following lectures in Japan if you’re interested in:

 ・       distributed cognition

 ・       a history of distributed cognition in Europe

 ・       a future project on the history of distributed cognition in Japan and Asia 

For more information about this project please visit the following website: or contact to discuss further.


 1) Kyoto University

 Meeting room, 1st floor, Main Building of Faculty of Letters

 (No.8 of )

18:00-19:30, Friday 8 December 2017


2) Osaka University 

Room 31, 3rd floor, Main School House, Graduate School of Human Sciences 

( )

17:30-19:00, Monday 11 December 2017


3)Hosted by  University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy (UTCP)

Collaboration Room 2, Bldg. 18, Komaba I Campus of the University of Tokyo

18:00-19:30, Thursday 14 December 2017


[Lecture Tour Supported by a Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation Award and the Arts and Humanities Research Council]

Posted by Dr Miranda Anderson, University of Edinburgh 

25 Oct 2017 Thermal winds in stellar mass black hole and neutron star binary systems


Authors: Chris Done, Ryota Tomaru and Tadayuki Takahashi, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 473, Issue 1, 1 January 2018, Pages 838–848, Published: 16 September 2017

This is a paper resulting from research undertaken during a JSPS Long Term Invitation Fellowship. 

Link to paper:

Posted by Professor Chris Done, University of Durham

19 Oct 2017 Bandgap Engineering in OH-Functionalized Silicon Nanocrystals: Interplay between Surface Functionalization and Quantum Confinement


Authors: Bürkle M, Lozac’h M, McDonald C, Mariotti D, Matsubara K, Švrček V. Advanced Functional Materials 27 (2017) 1701898

Link to paper:

Posted by Professor Davide Mariotti, Ulster University

18 Oct 2017 Stable ultrathin surfactant-free surface-engineered silicon nanocrystal solar cells deposited at room temperature


Authors: Švrček V, McDonald C, Lozac’h M, Tayagaki T, Koganezawa T, Miyadera T, Mariotti D, Matsubara K. Energy Science and Engineering 5 (2017) 184

Link to paper:

Posted by Professor Davide Mariotti, Ulster University

07 Sep 2017 The World After Fukushima

3 days of screenings, Q+As, conferences and round-table discussions taking place at the University of Edinburgh on the nuclear disaster of 2011 and on the future of nuclear energy.

Please go to the following link for details of the full schedule:

Posted by Dr Fabien Arribert-Narce, University of Edinburgh 

06 Sep 2017 From Duty to Fashion: The Changing Role of the Kimono in the Twenty-First Century


Journal of Fashion Theory, Pages 1-32, Published online: 31 Aug 2017

Link to paper:

Article resulting from work supported by a JSPS Short Term Pre/Postdoctoral Fellowship

Posted by author Ms Julie Valk, University of Oxford 

31 Aug 2017 Ultra-small CuO nanoparticles with tailored energy-band diagram synthesized by a hybrid plasma-liquid process


Authors: Velusamy T, Liguori A, Macias-Montero M, Padmanaban DB, Carolan D, Gherardi M, Colombo V, Maguire P, Švrček V, Mariotti D, Plasma Processes & Polymers 14 (2017) 1600224

Link to paper:

Posted by Professor Davide Mariotti, Ulster University

29 Aug 2017 Charge carrier localised in zero-dimensional (CH3NH3)3Bi2I9 clusters


Authors: Ni C, Hedley G, Julia Payne, Švrček V, McDonald C, Jagadamma L K, Edwards P, Martin R, Jain G, Carolan D, Mariotti D, Maguire P, Samuel I, Irvine J, Nature Communications 8 (2017) 170

Link to paper:

Posted by Professor Davide Mariotti, Ulster University 


Environmentally friendly nitrogen-doped carbon quantum dots for next generation solar cells


Authors: Carolan D, Rocks C, Babu Padmanaban D, Maguire P, Švrček V, Mariotti D, Sustainable Energy Fuels 1 (2017) 1611

Link to paper:!divAbstract

Posted by Professor Davide Mariotti, Ulster University 

22 Aug 2017 Adjustment of the Arabidopsis circadian oscillator by sugar signalling dictates the regulation of starch metabolism


Authors: Motohide Seki, Takayuki Ohara, Timothy Hearn, Alexander Frank, Viviane da Silva, Camila Caldana, Alex Webb & Akiko Satake, Scientific Reports


Posted by Professor Alex Webb, University of Cambridge