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University- Industry Seminar Between UoB and TUAT

On 11 May, a joint university-industry seminar was held between the University of Brighton and Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT) as part of a week long chain of activities to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the University of Brighton.
It was themed "How universities support industrial innovation; studies from Japan and the U.K." Held at the Embassy of Japan, London, the seminar was attended by around 100 people from the two countries. This seminar was also supported by JSPS London. The Seminar was held for universities and industries in the UK to share current information about their cooperation and at the same time to exchange opinions. Also, the purpose of the seminar was for participants and their networks to expand university and industry cooperation between the UK and Japan and to search for areas that will deepen these links.
The event was presided over by the Vice President of Brighton University, Professor Colin Monk with opening remarks from Professor Kobatake, President of TUAT. This was followed by a congratulatory address from the Minister of Economic Affairs of the Japanese Embassy, London, Mr. Oka. The seminar continued with lectures on Japan-UK policy and also a special lecture from the 2008 Lasker Award winning Emeritus Professor Akira Endo, of TUAT.
After the seminar a reception was held at the same venue. The opening address was given by Professor Julian Clampton, President of Brighton University. A musical interlude was provided by students of Brighton University, creating a pleasant mood for the reception. All the way through, participants spent a productive time engaged in lively discussion and information exchange.

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