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04 Jun 2004 UK-JSPS Alumni Association First General Assembly 

UK-JSPS Alumni Association First General Assembly at The Royal Society (4 June 2004)

On 4 June, a ceremony was held at The Royal Society to celebrate the tenth anniversary of JSPS London Office. It was preceded by the first general assembly of the former JSPS fellows UK alumni association. Attending the general assembly were 34 members of the alumni association. The four members of the association executive board were first introduced. They had been nominated at the November preparatory meeting and elected by the members through an Internet vote.

At the meeting, presided over by the association new chair Professor Peter Sammonds (University College London) the attending members first introduced themselves. Then, a presentation was made by Dr. Arnulf Jager-Waldau, who was invited by the association to talk on the activities of the JSPS Club in Germany, which already has a history to ten years of operation. Following him, the members of the UK group spoke about their various experiences in Japan. The assembly thus proved to be an ideal time for the participants, who had shared experiences as JSPS fellows, to foster a warm sense of colleagueship among themselves.

The meeting continued with program briefings by JSPS partner organizations: namely, The Royal Society, The British Academy, the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the Natural Environment Research Council and the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council.

The alumni association next event is scheduled to be held in November at Oxford.

Alumni Fellowship Evening in London

Programme for Annual General Assembly
  • Welcome and General Information by the Director ofJSPS London Office
  • Executive Board Members Introductory Speech
  • All Participants Introduction
  • Speech by Dr. Arnulf Jager-Waldau, a German AlumniAssociation Executive Member
  • Speech by Mr. Kiyoura, Head, Foreign Fellowship Division JSPS
  • Speech by Dr. Peter Matanle, University of Sheffield
  • Speech from JSPS fellow, Mr. Andrew Faulkner, Oxford University(Short break)
  • Presentations by representatives from The Royal Society, The British Academy and UK Research Councils
  • Question and Answer Session
  • Announcements and Closing Speech
  • Refreshments of Afternoon Tea
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