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10 Sep 2004 Governing university research 

Date: 10-11/09/2004
Co-organizer: University of Glasgow

Event Title:
Governing university research: Historical and comparative perspectives

Governing university research

Over a two-day period from 10-11 September, a large-scale symposium, co-sponsored by JSPS’s London Office and the University of Glasgow, was held on the theme “Governing University Research: Historical and Comparative Perspectives.” Overarching a discussion on how research should be handled in higher educational institutions, the symposium was carried out in the following four sessions:

(1) Historical overview: Universities as institutions of research and innovation in industrialised countries
(2) Learning by example: university-government relationships and university research in the postwar period
(3) Learning by example: university-industry relationships and impact on university research
(4) Learning by example: Contemporary models for reform

In these sessions, 16 experts from Japan, the UK, the US and Germany delivered presentations and engaged the participants in lively discussions. In conclusion, Professor Richard Trainor, Principal, King’s College London, University of London, led the participants in a wrap up and assessment of the event.

Given the in-depth content of both the presentations and discussions, most of the participants said that taking part in the symposium was very meaningful to them. With the discussions being multinational in content, the research theme of this symposium was able to capture and distill a wide range of perspectives.

Governing university researchGoverning university researchGoverning university research

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