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20 May 2005 Alumni Fellowship Evening in London 

Alumni Fellowship Evening in London

In the evening of 20th May 2005, the UK-JSPS Alumni Association held an "Alumni Fellowship Evening". Bringing together researchers who had participated in JSPS programmes and others interested in Japan, the event provided a good opportunity for exchanging information on Anglo-Japanese research activities, whilst expanding communication between researchers of the two countries. It was held at Galerie Besson, where the "living national treasure" Japanese potter Tatsuzo Shimaoka was conducting an exhibition, thus giving the participants a unique opportunity to observe firsthand Japanese culture

These young researchers, it is expected, will contribute to the alumni association's activities helping to broaden the scope of the Anglo-Japanese research community. Though small in scale, it is hoped that such events will be held in other regions, contributing to similar bilateral research community building in them as well.

Alumni Fellowship Evening in London Alumni Fellowship Evening in London

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