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27 Feb 2006 Evening Lecture and Debate in London: "Supporting Industrial Development in Africa" 

On 28th February 2006, the JSPS London Office held the Evening Lecture in London, titled "Supporting Industrial Development in Africa" with the support of the Intercollegiate Development Discussion Panel comprising Japanese students at King's College London.

As such assistance was proposed by the UK at the G8 Gleneagles Summit, it attracted considerable interest as the theme of the lecture.

Prof. Keijiro Otsuka (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies; chairman, board of trustees of the International Rice Research Institute) spoke about the prospects of applying East Asia's cluster-based development model to Africa. Then, Dr. Francis Teal (University of Oxford) addressed the importance of a manufacturing industry that through exporting can help grow Africa's economy. The 70 some participants, who included government administrators, researchers and students, engaged the speakers in an active exchange of questions and answers.

Presentation materials and full transcripts of the lectures are available on the files below.

Full transcripts
Presentation (Otsuka)
Presentation (Teal)

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