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10 Mar 2008 Inaugural Celebration of New JSPS London Office: University Futures Seminar 

On Monday the 10th of March 2008 JSPS London held an inaugural celebratory seminar entitled "University Futures", to commemorate JSPS London's October 2007 move from Mayfair to Euston.

1. Registration

Welcome Address

Professor Yuko Furukawa



Mr. Naoki Murata, Executive Director, JSPS Tokyo


Lecture: Japanese University Reform and Internationalisation

Professor Tsutomu Kimura, President, National Institution for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation, Tokyo

5. Questions and Answers

Lecture: Research at British Universities: Past and Future

Professor Malcolm Grant, Provost, University College London

7. Questions and Answers

Drinks Reception

Toast: Professor Anthony Stockwell, President, Royal Asiatic Society

9. Carriages

With Professor Yuko Furukawa as compare, the day started with an eloquent introduction from Mr Naoki Murata, Executive Director of JSPS Tokyo, who gave his heartfelt thanks to the day's speakers and participants, context to the move and JSPS activites in support of university internationalisation. This was followed by lectures from the invited speakers Professor Tsutomu Kimura, president of the National Institution for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation in Tokyo, and Professor Malcolm Grant, Provost of University College London, on university reform and internationalisation. Professor Kimura presenting a highly informed view of Japanese university reforms and the JSPS's contributions to their internationalisation and Professor Grant privileging the audience to a view on the past and future hopes for research at British universities.

Battling Typhoon strength winds and torrential rain, almost 100 participants showed their support, coming to JSPS London's new home. The Earl of Selborne, the president of the Foundation for Science and Technology; Professor Sir David Watson, current chancellor of Cranfield University and former president of the EPSRC, and Mr Peter Williams president of QAA were just a few of the noted figures JSPS London was delighted to host. The speakers faced a truly active, vigorous and tough session punctuated by knowledgeable questions.

After the seminar the attendees congregated upstairs for a reception in the council rooms. Professor Anthony Stockwell, the President of the Royal Asiatic Society, the new landlords, proposed a toast, informing the collected crowds that JSPS London's new home at Stephenson way was in fact named after the inventor of the steam engine, George Stephenson. This was in turn followed by a dinner event hosted in the wine cellar of Cafe Royal, where a further congratulatory address was kindly given by His Excellency Yoshiji Nogami of the Japanese embassy in London after which all continued their informed discussion of the day's proceedings, in a calm and gentle end to a very busy day.

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