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23 May 2008 Pre Departure Seminar and Alumini Evening 


The Pre-Departure Seminar for the JSPS Summer Programme awardees, Postdoctoral Fellowship awardees and Short-term Programme awardees was held on 23/05/2008.

The seminar started with opening remarks from the Director Prof. Yuko Furukawa. The seminar also consisted of the following presentations and was well attended. An introduction of JSPS was given by Takeshi Sekiguchi, Deputy Director of JSPS London, followed by Research Experience in Japan by Dr. Jessica Langer and Dr. Che Connon. Introduction of the Royal Society by Dr. Hans Hagen, Senior Manager, the Royal Society. Introduction of the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation. Finally, the introduction of the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation by Mr. Steve McEnally, Director. After the pre-departure seminar,UK-JSPS Alumni Association held an alumni evening for exchanging information.

1. Opening Remarks
Prof. Yuko Furukawa, Director, JSPS London
2. Self-introduction by each participant
3. The Activities of JSPS
Mr. Takeshi Sekiguchi, Deputy Director, JSPS London
4. Research Experience in Japan
Dr. Jessica Langer, JSPS Summer Programme Fellow
5. Research Environment in Japanese and UK institutions
Dr. Che Connon, JSPS London Alumni Executive Board Member
6. The Royal Society Exchanges and Collaborations with Japan
Dr. Hans Hagen, Senior Manager, International Grants, The Royal Society
7. The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation Exchange and Collaboration with Japan
Mr. Jeremy Barraud, Director of Programmes, The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation
8. The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation's Science Programmes in Japan
Mr. Steve McEnally, Director
9. Questions and Discussion

The UK-JSPS Alumni Association Evening / Dr. Martyn Kingsbury

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