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14 Dec 2008 UK-Japan Workshop Held Along with JSPS-STFC MoU Signing Ceremony 

Date: 15-16/12/2008
Co-organizer: Science and Technology Facilities Council, Osaka University

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UK-Japan Workshop on High Energy Density Science and JSPS-STFC MoU Signing Ceremony
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UK-Japan Workshop Held Along with JSPS-STFC MoU Signing Ceremony

On 15-16 December, a bilateral workshop, supported by JSPS and STFC (Science and Technology Facilities Council), was held at the Royal Society between Osaka University and STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory on the theme "High Energy Density Science." It was organized under a comprehensive Anglo-Japanese exchange scientific program at the core of which is carried out a joint research project between Osaka University and Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, coordinated by Prof. Ryousuke Kodama from Osaka University and Prof. Peter Norreys from Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. Both institutions have over long years been leaders in the field of high-energy density science and boast programs that promise to break new ground across a spectrum of scientific and technological fields by forging advances in laser technology.

The workshop began with opening remarks delivered by Prof. Kodama and Prof. Norreys, followed by presentations from Japanese and British researchers on the latest research advances being made in the field of high-energy density science. The some 70 researchers in attendance listened intently to the presentations and engaged the speakers in spirited discussions over the two days of the event.

In the evening of the workshop's first day, a ceremony was held to sign a memorandum of understanding between JSPS and STFC, the two organizations having decided to enter into a formal agreement to strengthen joint research and scientific collaboration between the UK and Japan. The ceremony began with a welcoming speech by Prof. Mike Dunne, director, STFC Photon Science Department. The MoU, which had been signed in advance by JSPS president Prof. Motoyuki Ono, was then signed by STFC chief operating officer and deputy chief executive Prof. Richard Wade. In a formal manner, he exchanged copies of the executed document with JSPS London Office director Prof. Yuko Furukawa, who had witnessed the signing. Then, Prof. Wade gave a speech, followed by a message from Prof. Furukawa, which included remarks sent by JSPS president Prof. Ono. Amidst this celebratory atmosphere, Prof. Dunne offered a toast accentuating this new milestone in the scientific partnership between the UK and Japan. With that, the transition was made from the signing ceremony to the following buffet reception, attended again by some 70 researchers from the two countries, whose conversations buzzed with enthusiasm for yet-stronger growing Anglo-Japanese exchange.

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