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21 Jan 2009 Pre-Departure Seminar and Alumni Evening 


21st January 2009. A Pre Departure seminar was held for our most recent Short Term Awardees in the Council room of the JSPS London office building.

The meeting started with opening remarks from Professor Furukawa, Director of JSPS London; followed by a presentation from Mr. Takeshi Sekiguchi, Deputy Director of JSPS London, to introduce the activities of JSPS. A second presentation was then given by Dr. James Fountaine from the Scottish Agricultural College who went to Japan as a JSPS Standard Award Fellow from 2005 to 2007. His presentation gave lots of useful information on working practises in a Japanese research environment as well as daily life in Japan. The Short Term Awardees were then able to ask questions to all JSPS London Staff in preparation for their research visit.

The Pre Departure Seminar was followed by an Alumni Evening. This event started with an award ceremony for those 7 who have been granted our new Furusato Award exclusive to Alumni members for the fiscal year 2008. The 7 awarded were Dr. Che Connon, University of Reading, Dr. Ruth Goodridge, University of Loughborough, Dr. James Fountaine, Scottish Agricultural College, Dr. Stephen Martin, University of Sheffield, Dr. Chris Pearson, Science and Technology Facilities Council, Dr. Paul Taylor, National British Museum and Professor Darren Bagnall, University of Southampton. Each awardee received a commemorative gift and certificate from Professor Furukawa in recognition of their excellent achievements towards Japan-UK academic collaboration.

This award ceremony was followed by an announcement from the JSPS London Alumni Association Chair Person, Dr. Martyn Kinsbury, Imperial College London,of a new Executive Board member and Regional Managers. The new Executive Board Member is Dr. Ruth Goodridge, University of Loughborough and the new Regional Managers are; Wales: Dr. Andrew Quantock, University of Cardiff, Scotland: Dr. James Fountaine, Scottish Agricultural College, and Ireland: Dr. Emma Sokell, University College Dublin. It is hoped that these regional managers will help to spread the influence of the JSPS London Alumni Association further.

Finally, JSPS London would like to wish all of our new Fellows a successful research trip to Japan.

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