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26 Apr 2009 Todai Forum 2009 in the UK 

Date: 27-30/04/2009
City University London, Imperial College London, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Cambridge, The University of Tokyo

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Todai Forum 2009 in the UK (Report)

Todai Forum 2009 in the UK

For a four-day period from 27 through 30 April, the Todai Forum was held at multiple venues in the UK. For this forum, the University of Tokyo (Todai) dispatched some 60 students and faculty to the UK. As one of the sponsoreing organizations, the JSPS London Office provided full support for the forum from its preparation through successfull conclusion.

Todai holds these foram in collaboration with universities in the host country. They serve to widely introduce cutting-edge research being advanced at the University of Tokyo. This forum in the UK was the seventh in the series, the first heving been held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT).

This Todai Forum Featured three timely themes: Human Security and Business, Harmonization of Nuclear Utilization with Society, and Disability and Economy. Components of the forum were held at City University London, Imperial College London, University of Cambridge, and Manchester Metropolitan University. Each venue overflowed with attendees interested in the latest research being presented and discussed. Under each of the themes, a simaltaneous student forum was also held. This wide intellectual exchange, trans-generational as well as trans-national, is one salient characteristic of the Todai Forum.

For the opening ceremony on the first day, a reception for all four day's participants was held at the Royal Society. With Prof. Akihiko Tanaka, managing director, executive vice president, the University of Tokyo, presiding, the reception started with opening remarks from Prof. Junichi Hamada, president, the University of Tokyo. Then, Mr. Wataru Nishigahiro, Minister Plenipotentiary, Embassy of Japan in the UK, delivered a congratulatory message, followed by JSPS London Office director Prof. Yuko Furukawa, who said a few words before proposing a toast. At the reception, conversation abounded across lines of nationality, research field, and generation.

At each of the forum venues, the London Office set up a booth for providing information on JSPS's fellowship and other programs. Through face-toface exchanges of view with British Students and researchers, the staff was able to relay them information that met their individual interests and needs.

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