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19 May 2009 IR3S/Tyndall Centre Symposium 

Date: 19-21/05/2009
Co-organizer: University of East Anglia, The University of Tokyo

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IR3S-Tyndall Centre Joint Symposium:Pathway toward low carbon society and global sustainability
(Announcement / Report )

IR3S/Tyndall Centre Symposium

19-21 May 2009, at East Anglia University, the IR3S(Integrated Research Systems for Sustainability Science)and the Tyndall Centre jointly organized a symposium entitled "Pathway toward low carbon society and global sustainability." JSPS London also cooperated in this symposium.
The symposium discussed from a multilateral perspective, the aim of how to go about achieving the development of a low carbon society for the sustainable future.
The keynote lecture was given by Professor Hiroshi Komiyama, former President of Tokyo University.

Also from Japan, some of the lectures given included those by Dr. Kazuhiko Takeuchi, Deputy Executive Director of IR3S, Tokyo University, Professor Nobuo Mimura, Director of Institute for Global Change Adaptation Science, Ibaraki University and Professor Akimasa Sumi, Executive Director of Trans Disciplinary Initiative for Global Sustainability, Tokyo University.

From the UK, some of the lectures given included those by Professor Trevor Davies, Pro Vice-Chancellor, East Anglia University, Professor Kevin Anderson, Director, Tyndall Centre and Dr. Terry Baker, Director, Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research.
Not only were there participants from Japan and the UK, but also from Germany and Italy making this a richly international symposium.
One other distinctive characteristic of this symposium was the positive actions of university graduates from Japan and the UK who took part.
Especially on the last day, they all organized a student forum for active discussion among the next generation of researchers.

As a supporter of this symposium, JSPS London had their own booth and provided information to participants about the organization.
At the working dinner session that followed, Professor Furukawa, Director of JSPS London, explained the outline of JSPS activities.

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