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17 Aug 2017 06 OCT/ Ninagawa Shakespeare: A Memorial Symposium 

Ninagawa Shakespeare: A Memorial Symposium

Date and Time:

Friday 6th October 2017

14:00-15:45 Symposium 
16:00-17:00 Reception

Venue: The Embassy of Japan in the UK (101-104 Piccadilly, London W1J 7Jt)

Registration: Please sign up for the event at the registration form by 18 Aug.

Upon confirmation of your registration, your details will be provided to the Embassy of Japan, and the Embassy will send you an invitation email several weeks before the symposium. Please note that, for security reasons, you will be required to show the invitation email when entering the venue. There will be a reception (about 1 hour) after the symposium, to which you are also invited. 

The event flyer is available here.

This event is supported by JSPS.

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