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02 Aug 2011 JSPS London Furusato Awards Call for Applications

JSPS London Furusato Awards Call for Applications
Closing date: 2nd March 2011
Visit start period: Between May 2011 to March 2012 (now closed)



The purpose of this scheme is to provide financial  support to members of the UK-JSPS Alumni Association, based in the UK and Ireland, to maintain their link  and strengthen their relationship with the Japanese academic community. Candidates  can apply to support research with a host that is the same or different to the  institution they have been previously linked. We ask that successful candidates take up this award between October 2011 and the end of February 2012.

Under this scheme, international transportation costs  and a maintenance allowance for one collaborative  research trip from the UK to a Japanese host institution will be provided. Money will not  be given in cases where the proposed trip is being funded by another  organisation. The maximum amount reimbursed to each successful applicant will  be £2,000 according to the provisions explained below:


Award  Guidelines

1.) Allocation of Funding

(a.) International Airfare
An economy class, discounted, round trip air ticket will be reimbursed for the most economical route for airports between the UK and Japan.

*Domestic transportation costs accrued in  the UK, Ireland and Japan will not be provided.

(b.) Maintenance Allowance for Length of Stay in Japan

\16,000 per Diem allowance for approved length of stay in Japan, including the arrival and departure days from Japan. \16,000 is equivalent to ??115 when using the official rate of \138 fixed by the Japanese Government for the fiscal year 2011. No separate allowance will be given to cover accommodation costs. *Successful candidates  must make sure to arrange and pay for their own overseas accident and travel  insurance.

2.) Application Assessment Criteria

All applications should demonstrate that JSPS funds will be used for a clearly defined research visit. This research visit must have an identifiable outcome that can be further developed and contribute positively towards UK-Japan academic collaboration.

3.) Eligibility

Only registered members of the UK-JSPS Alumni Association based in the UK and Ireland are eligible to apply for this scheme. To confirm if you are eligible to apply, please contact JSPS London.

4.) Funding Availability

Funding can only be used for the direct benefit of the Alumni member and not for the benefit of the Japanese counterpart (i.e. the money cannot be used for travel expenses or accommodation expenses for a Japanese host). To confirm that your intended use of funding is eligible, please e-mail Ms. Polly Watson at JSPS London to discuss: or telephone 020 7255 4660.

Please note, due to JSPS London?fs fiscal budgetary policy, we request that all receipts and supporting documents are returned to our office by March 8th 2012. We need to receive these on time in order to be able to reimburse all costs.

5.) Application Procedure

To apply for the scheme, please download, read and complete the application guidelines and application form from here: Application Form Please do not exceed the space provided in any section and do not use a font size below 10. Any additional information given will not be considered. Completed applications and scanned, supporting documents should be sent by e mail to Ms. Polly Watson at:

6.) Closing Date for Applications

The closing date for applications is 17.30, Thursday 1st September, 2011. Applications submitted any later will not be considered.

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