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19 Jan 2016 FY2016 JSPS London BRIDGE Fellowship Call for Applications


Closing date: Monday 22nd February 2016
Visit start period: Between July 2016 to the end of March 2017



This award gives the opportunity for past fellows of JSPS programmes to revisit Japan to create, sustain and/or strengthen collaborative linkages with the Japanese academic community. The objective is to build strong networks between researchers in Japan and the UK or Republic of Ireland (RoI) through a variety of academic activities. All researchers who are registered with the UK & RoI-JSPS Alumni Association are eligible to apply.
These visits may include Fellows revisiting their past or new host institutions, holding meetings to plan or arrange joint research projects or seminars, training young researchers, giving lectures, and preparing or attending scientific conferences and research meetings. The results of each BRIDGE visit are to be recorded in reports written by both the visiting researcher and their Alumni Association. These reports are then used to evaluate the visit by the collaborative linkages created, sustained or strengthened as a result.

Please visit the JSPS Tokyo Head Quarters webpage for more information:

Eligibility of Applicant

To be eligible, the researcher must meet all of the following requirements:

• Researchers who have conducted research in Japan under a JSPS International Programme and are registered with the JSPS Alumni Association of the UK & RoI and are based in the UK or RoI for research purposes are eligible to apply.

• The host researcher must be in support of all 7 administrative clauses on Form B (Agreement by Host Researcher) and e mail correspondence must be provided as evidence.

• Eligible research fields are not limited: Computer, Engineering, Health, Biological, Life, Natural and Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Humanities and Social Sciences etc.

  • Researchers who have received a BRIDGE Fellowship within the last 5 years (FY2011 – FY2015) can not apply to this call.  

To confirm if you are registered or for other enquiries related to this Fellowship, please telephone JSPS London on: 020 7255 4660 or e mail Polly Watson at


Eligibility of Host Researcher

Researchers who wish to host a BRIDGE Fellow should be employed full time at one of the following types of Japanese research institutes:

(1.) Universities, junior colleges, inter-university research institutes, technical colleges
*(2.) National and public research laboratories
*(3.) Independent administrative institutions, quasi-government organizations, general incorporated associations and general incorporated foundations that carry out research activities
*(4.)Private research institutes
*eligible institutions for (2.) to (4.) are listed at:

*Full time employment is determined by the regulations of the host institution.

* Researchers not employed full time may be accepted as a host providing they are eligible to apply to Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI) and the Head of their department can confirm they are able to implement the project and provide the appropriate research environment.


Requirements of BRIDGE Fellows

• Fellows are required to submit a report to JSPS Tokyo Head Quarters and JSPS London within one month of completing their tenure. This report, including details of the affiliation of the host researcher and BRIDGE Fellow, may be given public access.

• Fellows are asked to mention they have been invited under the JSPS BRIDGE program when giving lectures and presentations in Japan.

• During their tenure, the Fellow is obligated to concentrate on creating, sustaining and strengthening research and academic networks related to the BRIDGE program and should not be engaged in other paid or non paid activities.

Commencement of Awards

JSPS London will make up to 5 recommendations for awards to JSPS Tokyo Head Office in this call. This will be the only call for FY2016.

Unsuccessful applicants will be notified in writing by JSPS London within 2 months of the closing date. Successful applicants will receive an award letter and pre-departure preparation docucuments from JSPS Tokyo Head Quarters within approximately 3 months.

• Fellowships are awarded for a period of 14 to 45 consecutive days
• Successful applicants are asked to start their Fellowships in Japan  between 1 July 2016 to 31 March 2017.

Value of the Award

• Round trip air ticket (arranged by JSPS’ designated travel agent)
• Daily maintenance allowance of ¥15,000
• Research Support allowance of ¥150,000
• Overseas travel, accident and sickness insurance coverage

Application Assessment Criteria

• Provision a: Recruitment Policy
• Provision b: Rules for Nominating Committee Members
• Provision c: Screening Criteria

These documents can be found at the following URL:

Application Procedure

To apply for the scheme, please download and complete the application form and agreement by the host researcher, available from here:

Application Form (Form A)

Agreement by Host Researcher (Form B)

The size and format of the application forms should not be altered in any way. In all sections of the application form please do not exceed the space provided and do not use a font size below 10. Any additional information given will not be considered.

*The application form should contain the handwritten signature of the applicant

* In addition to Forms A and B, please provide one A4 page CV, one A4 page of selected publications and a copy of e mail correspondence with the host in Japan (of no more than ten A4 pages). This e mail correspondence should discuss the research to be undertaken during a BRIDGE Fellowship. Please provide e mail correspondence in English and a translation where necessary.

All application documents should be e mailed to Ms. Polly Watson at:


Closing Date for Applications: Monday, 22nd February 2016

Further Notes

• There is a limit of one application per person in any fiscal year, irrespective of whether the applicant may belong to more than one JSPS Alumni Association.

• JSPS London currently operates an open resubmissions policy unless previous correspondence notifying results specifically does not invite this. A resubmission should be substantively different from a previous application with modified aims and objectives and revised methodological approach.

A researcher may not be a candidate for the BRIDGE Fellowship and another JSPS Programme at the same time.

• A researcher may not be awarded a BRIDGE Fellowship and a fellowship from another funding organisation at the same time to fund the same research trip.

• Researchers who have been supported under any JSPS international program are required to describe the results and its relevance, if any, in their application for a BRIDGE Fellowship.

• JSPS does not support any research or network building activity directly related to military affairs.

• JSPS London will handle all information contained in the application documents strictly in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act.

• Should JSPS London determine any information provided is incomplete, falsified, plagiarized or otherwise flawed, the application will be rejected.

• JSPS will take appropriate measures (e.g termination of fellowship, require reimbursement of part or all allowances paid) in cases of misuse of research funds, improper conduct (e.g. fabrication, falsification, plagiarization), unjustifiable acts (e.g. discrimination, harassment), or violation of laws.


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