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05 Jan 2017 Application Guidelines for the JSPS London JBUK Japan Award 2017

Closing date: Monday 20th March 2017

Visit Period: Between June 2017 to the end of February 2018


The purpose of this scheme is to provide financial support to researchers who are members of the JSPS London network for Japanese Researchers Based in the UK (JBUK) and have a PI position at a university or research institute in the UK. Such researchers should be in a position to develop long-lasting collaborations between the UK and Japan and should also use this award money to establish and expand their links with the academic community in Japan. We ask that successful candidates take up this award between June 2017 to the end of February 2018. (Please consult with JSPS London if you wish to visit Japan in March 2018).

Under this scheme, international transportation costs and a maintenance allowance for one collaborative research trip from the UK to one or several Japanese host institutions will be provided. The maximum amount reimbursed to each successful applicant will be £2,000 according to the provisions explained below:

Award Guidelines


1.) Allocation of Funding

(a.) International Airfare
An economy class, discounted, round trip air ticket will be reimbursed for the most economical route for airports between the UK and Japan.
*Domestic transportation costs accrued in the UK and Japan will not be provided in addition.

(b.) Maintenance Allowance for Length of Stay in Japan

A daily allowance of £75 to cover subsistence and accommodation for the approved length of stay in Japan will be provided.

*This amount may be amended before June 2017 and successful candidates will be advised of any revised figure before starting their trip.

**Successful candidates must make sure to arrange and pay for their own overseas accident and travel insurance.**


 2.) Application Assessment Criteria

  • All applications should demonstrate that JSPS funds will be used for a clearly defined research visit.
  • The research visit should generate long-term academic collaboration and benefits for both the UK and Japan, e.g. UK-Japan joint projects and student/postdoc exchanges.
  • The visit should expand existing linkages to the next generation of researchers and/or the new collaborators.
  • The applicant and the host researchers in Japan should discuss the research visit in detail prior to the application. The host researchers should show clear interest in the research visit.
  • It is preferable the awardee visits several institutions in Japan during the trip.
  • The research visit may include discussion and exchange of ideas for a future joint research project, giving research lectures to Japanese students/Postdocs as well as career mentoring, conducting preliminary experiments and surveys as part of larger, long term, joint research grants, and/or discussion of organizing seminars to publicize research outcomes.


3.) Eligibility

Only registered members of JBUK who have a PI position at a university or research institute in the UK (e.g. Professor, Reader, Lecturer, Group Leader, and established Research Fellow which is equivalent to Professor or Lecturer) are eligible to apply for this scheme.  Research Associates equivalent to the grade of Postdoctoral Researcher are not eligible to apply.


4.) Funding Availability

Funding can only be used for the direct benefit of an eligible JBUK researcher and not for the benefit of the Japanese counterpart (i.e. this award money cannot be used for travel expenses or accommodation expenses for a Japanese host).

To confirm that your intended use of funding and job position makes you eligible to apply for this award, please e-mail Ms. Polly Watson at JSPS London to discuss: or telephone 020 7255 4660.

*Up to 2 awards are expected to be made as a result of this call. Results are expected to be announced in early May 2017 after peer review has been conducted.

Please note, due to JSPS London's fiscal budgetary policy, we request that all receipts and supporting documents are returned to our office by Monday 5th March, 2018. We need to receive these on time in order to be able to reimburse all costs.

5.) Application Procedure

To apply for the scheme, please download and complete the application form available from here:


Application Form

Please note that the reviewers will be UK-based researchers and might not all be Japanese nationals.  Therefore, please write the application form in English and provide the correspondence with the Japanese host researcher(s) also in English.

Please do not exceed the space provided in any section and do not use a font size below 11. Any additional information given will not be considered. 

Completed applications and scanned, supporting documents should be sent by e mail to Ms. Polly Watson at:

 6.) Closing Date for Applications

The closing date for applications is Monday 20th March 2017. Applications submitted any later will not be considered.

7.) Responsibilities of the Awardees

The awardees must mention that the research was supported by the JSPS London JBUK Japan Award when related research outputs are either published or presented.

The JSPS logo and JBUK logo must appear on materials involved in the research visit (e.g. on a seminar programme or flyer).

The awardees are requested to write an easy-to-read essay in the JSPS London Newsletter about the outcomes of the research visit as well as a future plan of collaboration that has emerged.

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