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06 Sep 2017 FY2018 Call for the JSPS London Symposium and Seminar Scheme

Closing date: Wednesday 8th November, 2017

Time frame for holding events: between June 2018 to the end of February 2019


JSPS London's primary aims include publicising academic research from Japan and strengthening collaborative research linkages between the UK or Republic of  Ireland (RoI) and Japan. To help achieve these aims, JSPS London has created this scheme to support events organised by members of the JSPS Alumni Association of the UK and RoI or for Japanese Researchers based in the UK or RoI at institutional or departmental level. These events should aim to create high quality collaboration in cutting edge fields or showcase research in areas where Japan and the UK or RoI are world leading. This could be a symposium (for over 50 participants) or smaller scale seminar (for up to 50 participants). Both kinds of events can either focus on UK or RoI-Japan bilateral collaboration or be part of an international conference that aims to develop trusted multilateral partnerships with Japan and the UK and/or RoI at the centre.

Applicable Research Fields:

Open to any research field at higher education institutions.


Applicants must be registered members of the JSPS Alumni Association of the UK and RoI or the JSPS London Network for Japanese Researchers Based in the UK (JBUK) and be based at a university or research institute in the UK or RoI. It is preferable that the applicant's affiliation should be the lead institution. Applicants should also normally be an established academic at this affiliated institution e.g. research team leader, PI or early career researchers with a permanent position.


  • To strengthen bilateral linkages between Japan and the UK or RoI or multilateral linkages with Japan and the UK or RoI at the centre.
  • The event should be at institutional or departmental level.
  • For organisation of an event, involvement is needed from the appropriate senior academic level e.g. Vice Chancellor, Pro Vice Chancellor or Head of School, who can facilitate on-going collaboration at institutional level.
  • Involvement from the appropriate senior academic level at the co scientific lead’s institution in Japan is preferable.
  • Primarily, speakers should come from universities or academic research institutes in Japan and the UK or RoI.
  • The event should provide early career researchers from Japan with the opportunity to present their research and hold discussions with peers in order to obtain good international research experience.
  • The event should be open to all with public lectures encouraged.

*It is not possible to apply to this symposium and seminar scheme if already receiving another source of funding from JSPS being used to support the same event.

Selection Criteria:

  • Scientific excellence.
  • Involvement of early career researchers.
  • Broad participation from institutions including the very best researchers from the UK or RoI and Japan.
  • Contribution to long-lasting academic linkages between the UK or RoI and Japan.
  • Evidence of the event having high impact.
  •  Institutional or departmental level involvement.
  • Significance of the host institution in the UK or RoI in holding the symposium.
  • Appropriateness of proposal to meet objective.
  •  Value for money.

* In the final selection, JSPS London will look to achieve a balance among the research areas and institutions it supports. Applications by former awardees to this scheme will be given less priority.

Terms of Funding

An international air ticket, accommodation and daily allowances for the main symposium or seminar for speakers from Japan (up to 3 people) will be provided as well as travel costs between the invited speaker’s institution and nearest airport in Japan. All travel costs are provided in accordance to the following JSPS budget regulations:

              International air ticket: discount economy class

              Accommodation allowance: to cover breakfast, dinner and accommodation. Up to JPY 20,000 is provided per night for London and up to JPY 17,000 per night for events held in other areas. This amount will be decreased if any of these costs are paid by the host institutions.

              Daily allowance: to cover lunch and domestic travel costs, including taxis, within the UK and RoI. Up to JPY 6,000 is provided for London and up to JPY 5,000 for other areas. This amount will be decreased if any of these costs are paid for by the host institutions.      

*Other costs should be covered by another funding source.

* Please note the accommodation and daily allowance can only be provided in JPY to the speakers from Japan. Please therefore consider the exchange rate before making any arrangements involving these speakers.

*When planning the event programme, please keep in mind the flight arrival times for the speakers from Japan.

Involvement of PhD students or postdoctoral researchers is strongly encouraged. If the organiser would like to invite PhD students or postdoctoral researchers from Japan, who are not already supported by a JSPS programme, please submit their CV and publication list and brief explanation of why they have been chosen as an invited speaker, altogether one A4 page maximum for each person, to JSPS London. These will be counted in the overall quota of up to 3 invited speakers supported by JSPS as part of each award. Another example of involvement of PhD students and postdoctoral researchers could be a side or elevator session to give these researchers an opportunity to explain about their work and facilitate interaction with senior researchers.

Researchers based at one of the following types of Japanese research institutes are eligible to be an invited speaker supported by JSPS:

(1.) Universities and inter-university research institutes (2.) MEXT affiliated institutions engaged in research (3.) Colleges of Technology (4.) Institutions designated by the ministry of MEXT

*eligible institutions for (2.) to (4.) are listed at:

JSPS Research Fellows (DC1, DC2, PD and RPD) are also eligible.

In addition, JSPS London can provide funding towards the venue, catering, advertisement, material printing and costs of publications arising from the event. In this regard, £1,000 is available for support of a seminar, £1,500 for a symposium with a bilateral focus and £2,000 for a symposium with multilateral focus.

Funding for publications is awarded on the provision that as much as possible, such type of research outcome is disseminated to both research and more widespread audiences, to inform potential users and beneficiaries of the research.

Funding for a symposium will be paid upon the host institution producing the relevant invoices to JSPS London. For a small scale seminar, JSPS London can agree to pay the host institution or sub-contracted companies directly on receipt of an invoice. The organiser must consult with JSPS London about estimated costs before placing any orders.

Financial support or benefit-in-kind contributions from the UK lead institution is essential for a symposium. A letter of support, signed by the most senior level person involved, that details the contribution the lead institution is able to make, should be included with the application. With regards to a symposium with multilateral focus, financial support or benefit-in-kind contributions are welcome from any institution that members of the organising committee are linked with.

Other forms of financial support are encouraged providing JSPS London is recognised as the lead sponsor. Co-sponsorship or registration fees raised must be on a not-for-profit basis and should be considered to be used to provide greater access for pre/postdoctoral researchers to attend the event for free. Registration fees for invited speakers already being supported by JSPS should ordinarily be waivered but if it becomes necessary to raise such fees from all participants please discuss with JSPS London in advance.

Responsibility of the Applicant:

The JSPS logo and logos for either the JSPS Alumni Association of the UK and RoI or JBUK must appear on all symposium or seminar related materials. These logos can be obtained from JSPS London.

Space at the venue must be provided for a booth to be able to publicise JSPS programmes to the attendees.

Slots in the event programme should be made for JSPS London to give opening remarks and a presentation to promote their activities and funding programmes.

One of the speakers should write an article (approximately 2 pages), either in English or Japanese, for the JSPS London Newsletter.

Time Frame for Event:

The event may be held between June 2018 to the end of February 2019.

Duration for Event:

1 to 3 days for a symposium and up to 1 day for a seminar.

Number of Events Supported: 

At least 2 in a fiscal year.

Application Procedure:

To apply for this scheme, please submit the following:

a.) Completed application form.

b.) CV of applicant and co scientific lead.

c.) CV of Japanese speakers whose travel costs are to be supported by JSPS.

(Maximum of 1 A4 page for CVs and 1 A4 page for publications should be submitted for each person.)

d.) Support letter from UK lead institution (required for a symposium only)

The application form is available to download from here

Please do not exceed the space given in any section and do not use a font size below 10.

Closing Date for Proposals:

Wednesday 8th November, 2017 (applications received after this date will not be accepted).

Selection and Notification:

The selection process will be carried out by JSPS London in December 2017. Shortlisted candidates will be notified in January 2018, however the award can not be confirmed until JSPS London’s fiscal year budget is decided in April 2018.

Contact Details:

All completed application forms should be e mailed to Ms. Polly Watson at: She can also be contacted for further information by telephone on 020 7255 4660.

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