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JSPS Fellow's Experiences in Japan

Dr John S. Fossey

(Department of Chemistry, University of Bath)

JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship for Foreign Researchers (Long-Term)

Host institution: Tokyo University (April 2004 - October 2005)

My experience of the JSPS and research in Japan

I was very pleased to be asked to discuss my experience of the JSPS overseas fellowship program at the JSPS Programme Introductionin Cambridge on the 9th of May 2006.

I told the audience about my 22 months in Japan as a post-doc in the group of Prof. Shu Kobayashi at Tokyo University, Graduate School of Pharmacy.

I briefly mentioned the science I was lucky enough to be involved with and highlighted the relevance of the work to modern drug discovery. Then I discussed how the marriage of modern high-tech culture and tradition, that Japan is famous for, manifests itself in everyday and research life. I was pleased to tell the audience that a successful post-doc in Japan is highly valued by employers here in the UK and pointed out that I believe I would not have the job I do today without the backing and support of the group in Japan.

JSPS research fellows do not need to worry about the perceived high cost of living in Japan, I stressed the generous bursary awarded to fellows is tax free and with a little help from your colleagues there are adequate funds to enjoy you free time too.

I wound up presentation by telling the audience that if I was in their position I would, without a doubt, apply. I left Japan only because the next step in my career beckoned (earlier than I expected). As the audience would have been aware I am very enthusiastic about the scheme and Japanese research in general, in fact friends of mine have since become involved in the same scheme.

My final point was a some what lighter one. I thanked the JSPS for the marvellous opportunity they gave me not only in research but in my person life too. I revealed to the audience that I met my wife in Japan and we recently welcomed the birth of our first child.

At the JSPS Programme IntroductionEvent at the University of Cambridge on the 9th May 2006

Dr John S. Fossey
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