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23 Jul 2012 Warwick University


23rd August 2012

Warwick University

Coventry University


22nd August 2012

Coventry University

13 Jul 2012 第1回在外研究員のためのネットワーキングイベント 


日時 : 2012年8月15日(水) 17:30受付開始

場所 : JSPSロンドン レクチャーホール

対象者 : 短期間英国滞在研究者、特に渡英されて日が浅い研究者

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10 Jul 2012 UK-Japan Symposium at University of Warwick


UK-Japan Symposium on Mechanochemical Cell Biology

Venue: Scarman House, University of Warwick

Date: 23-24 August 2012

Supported by the JSPS London Symposium Scheme

* Registration closes July 31st *

Annoucement/Programme/Registration      Report

06 Jul 2012 JSPS London Alumni and JBUK Networking Event in Scotland 20th June 2012

JSPS London Alumni and JBUK Networking Event in Scotland 20th June 2012


05 Jul 2012 Pre Departure Seminar and Alumni Evening

Pre Departure Seminar and Alumni Evening on May 25th 2012 (by invitation only)



 Pre Departure Seminar:

 Introduction to JSPS Mr Tomo Saito, Deputy Director, JSPS London

 Practical Information for JSPS Summer Programme Fellows 2012 Ms Naoko Yamaoka, Overseas Felowship Division, JSPS Tokyo

Information about JSPS Postdoctoral and Invitation Fellowships
Ms Akiko Sato, Overseas Fellowship Division, JSPS Tokyo

 Research Experience in Japan Mr Jamie Cameron (University of Glasgow), JSPS Summer Programme Fellow, 2011

 Research Environments in Japanese and UK Institutions Dr Zenobia Lewis (University of Liverpool), UK-JSPS Alumni Association

International Research Careers Dr Claire McNulty, Director of Science, British Council

Royal Society Exchanges and Collaborations with Japan Dr Kimberly Hutchings, Scheme Manager, Grants

 UK-JSPS Alumni Association Evening:

 UK-JSPS Alumni Association Activities and JSPS 80th Anniversary Events in 2012 Dr Martyn Kingsbury, Chair of UK-JSPS Alumni Association

The Importance of International Collaboration and Communicating Science Dr Barbara Marte, Senior Editor, Nature


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02 Jul 2012 University College London


25th June 2012

University College London

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