05 Dec 2011 JSPS Award for Eminent Scientists 

Applications to JSPS Head Office
Award Start Period: April 2012 to the end of March 2013
Application Period: 5-9 December 2011

JSPS awards invitations to Nobel laureates and other leading scientists to come to Japan for the purpose of associating directly with younger Japanese researchers so as to mentor, stimulate and inspire them to greater attainments. The awardees may also be asked to contribute their advice and expertise on ways to enhance the planning, conducting and evaluating of scientific research at Japanese universities and research institutions.

Fields of Research
All fields of the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences are included under this program.

Applicants for inviting eminent scientists to Japan are made by the heads of Japanese universities and research institutions.

Role of Host Institutions
Host institutions provide logistic and administrative support for the invitee's stay in Japan.

Number of Awards
Approximately 4 scientists are granted awards each fiscal year.

Foreign researchers such as Nobel laureates, who possess a record of excellent research achievements and who are mentors and leaders in their respective fields.

In principle the tenure of the invitation is for one year, during which period multiple visits may be made. Depending on the visit plan, it is also possible, however, for a tenure of three years, with an aggregate of up to 12 months' worth of visits, to be approved.
However, a plan containing a single visit of only a few days for, say, delivering a lecture will not be approved.

Terms of award
1) Business class roundtrip air ticket(s)
2) A per diem of \42,000
3) A family allowance of \10,000 (when accompanied by family member(s))

Application guidelines and form are available from here:
http://www.jsps.go.jp/j-awards/index.html (Japanese webpage)