28 Sep 2012 Recruitment for the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (JET Programme)  

Recruitment of language teachers and coordinators of international relations for the JET Programme begins this Autumn

The JET Programme was established in 1987 by the Japanese Government to improve foreign language teaching in Japanese schools and promote international understanding. From this Autumn representatives of the JET Programme will be visiting universities in the UK to explain more about the positions available to start in the Summer of 2013 and the application process. 

Please visit the following websites for more information:

JET Programme home page: http://www.jet-uk.org/index.html

Overview of the JET Programme: http://www.jet-uk.org/about/aboutwhatis.html

Schedule of programme information events at UK universities, 2012: http://www.jet-uk.org/2013UniPromotionsCalendar(Edinburgh).pdf