16 Apr 2015 JSPS London Pre Departure Seminar and Alumni Evening

Friday 17th April 2015, JSPS London offices (by invitation only)



Photo Selection

Selected Presentations:

Introduction to JSPS and Preparing for your Research Trip to Japan 

By Hideyuki Matsumoto, Deputy Director, JSPS London

Summer Programme 2015 

By Mr. Takeshi Kamezawa, International Programme Associate, JSPS London

Life in Japan as a JSPS Summer Programme Fellow 

By Ms. Christina Wayman, King's College London 

UK and RoI- JSPS Alumni Association Activities 2015

By Dr. Ruth Goodridge (University of Nottingham), Chair of the UK and RoI- JSPS Alumni Association

A Brief Guide to Religious Temples in Japan

By Dr. Hiroko Kawanami, Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion, Lancaster University