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13 Apr 2018 Recent papers by Professor Khellil Sefiane, University of Edinburgh


Superstable ultra-thin water film confined in a hydrophilized carbon nanotube

Tomo, Y., Askounis, A., Ikuta, T., Takata, Y., Sefiane, K. & Takahashi, K. 11 Feb 2018 In : Acs nano.


Influence of local heating on Marangoni flows and evaporation kinetics of pure water drops

Askounis, A., Kita, Y., Kohno, M., Koutsos, V., & Sefiane, K. 16 May 2017 In : Langmuir. 33, 23, p. 5666–5674 9 p.


Thermal Conductivity of Liquid/CNT Core-Shell Nanocomposites

Yamada, Y., Askounis, A., Ikuta, T., Takahashi, K., Takata, Y. & Sefiane, K. 4 Jan 2017 In : Journal of Applied Physics. 121, 1, 015104

Recent papers by Dr Emma Sokell, University College Dublin


Sheil, P. Dunne, T. Higashiguchi, D. Kos, E. Long. T. Miyazaki, F. O¿Reilly, G. O¿Sullivan. P. Sheridan, C. Suzuki, E. Sokell, E. White and D. Kilbane. (2017) 'Analysis of soft x-ray emission of laser produced dysprosium, erbium and thulium plasmas'. Journal of Physics B-Atomic Molecular and Optical Physi, 50 :065006


Wu, T, Higashiguchi, T , Li, B, Arai, G, Hara, H , Kondo, Y, Miyazaki, T , Dinh, TH, O'Reilly, F ,Sokell, E and O'Sullivan, G (2017) 'Analysis of unresolved transition arrays in XUV spectral region from highly charged lead ions produced by subnanosecond laser pulse'. Optics Communications, 385 :143-152.

15 Feb 2018 Purity and Danger: shamans, diviners and the control of danger in premodern Japan as evidenced by the healing rites of the Aogashima islanders


Authors: Jane Alaszewska and Andy Alaszewski. In Patrick Brown, ed. Theories of Uncertainty across Different Modernities. Taylor and Francis: 118-142.

Posted by Dr Jane Aleszewski, SOAS, University of London. 

Purity and Danger:shamans, diviners and the control of danger in premodern Japan as evidence