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24 Jun 2013 Recent publications posted by Dr. Alessio Patalano, King's College London


1. Alessio Patalano, Japan as a Sea Power: Imperial Legacy, Wartime Experience, and the Making of the Post-war Navy (Bloomsbury/Continuum, forthcoming 2014);

2. Alessio Patalano, Izuru Fukumoto, Kimihiko Kishikawa, and Ouyang Wei, Security, Disaster Relief, and the Great East Japan 3. Earthquake Inside the Japanese Military Experience (Palgrave, forthcoming 2013).

3. Alessio Patalano (ed.), Maritime Strategy and National Security in Japan and Britain. From the Alliance to Post-9/11 (Brill/Global Oriental, 2012).


1. "Japan‟s Maritime Strategy: The Island Nation Model‟, RUSI Journal, Vol. 156, 2011:2, 82-89.

2. "Shielding the Hot Gates: Submarine warfare and Japanese Defence Strategy in the Cold War and Beyond, 1976-2006‟, The Journal of Strategic Studies, Vol. 31, 2008:6, 859-895.

3. "「海軍」から「海自」へ:戦後日本のシーパワー‟ (trans. From Kaigun to Kaiji: Japan‟s post-war seapower), 軍事史学 (The Journal of Military History), Vol. 44, 2009:4, 154-169.

4. "日米同盟と海上自衛隊の潜水艦隊(1955-1976)‟ (trans. US-Japan Military relations and the development of Japan‟s post-war submarine force, 1955-1976), 戦略研究 (The Journal of Strategic Studies), 2009:7, 93-117.

Book Chapters

1. "Maritime Disputes and Sino-Japanese Security Relations‟, in Thomas Kane & Donovan Chau (eds.), China and International Security (3 Vols., Preager, forthcoming 2014).

2. "Itō Masanori, The Imperial Navy, and Japan‟s Post-war National Identity‟, in Duncan Redford (ed.), The Sea and National Identity (I.B. Tauris, forthcoming 2012).

3. "Japan‟s Maritime Past, Present, and Future‟, in Geoffrey Till & Patrick Bratton (eds.), Seapower and the Asia-Pacific: The Triumph of Neptune (Routledge, 2011), 94-110.

4. "Japan‟s Contemporary Naval Power and Regional Maritime Cooperation‟, in Andrew Forbes (ed.), Australia and Its Maritime Interests: At Home and in the Region (Canberra: Sea Power Centre Australia, 2008), 131-140.


17 Jun 2013 Recent publications posted by Dr. Davide Mariotti, University of Ulster


1. Mariotti D, Mitra S, Švrček V “Surface-engineered silicon nanocrystals” Nanoscale 5 (2013) 1385 - Invited Feature Review Article


2. Švrček V, Mariotti D, Mitra S, Kaneko T, Li L, Cvelbar U, Matsubara K, Kondo M, "Built-in charges and photoluminescence stability of  3D-surface engineered silicon nanocrystals by a nanosecond laser and a DC microplasma” Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (2013) 10939


3. Švrček V, Mariotti D, Matsubara K, Kondo M, “Carriers multiplication in neighboring surfactant-free silicon nanocrystals produced by 3D-surface engineering in liquid medium” Journal of Materials Science and Engineering A, 3 (2013) 187


4. Mariotti D, Švrček V, Mathur A, Dickinson C, Matsubara K, Kondo M “Carbon nanotube growth activated by quantum-confined silicon nanocrystals” Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 46 (2013) 122001




13 Jun 2013 Gutkha-Ban (commerical brand of STs) in India is not Implemented Properly


Gutkha Ban (commercial brand of STs) in India is not Implemented Properly

Tobacco Control, e-letters, June 2013

First Author Professor Chitta Chowdhury, University of Warwick

Angiogenesis and Lymphangiogenesis in Oral SCCs: Comparison of Japanese and Indian Cases


Publication resulting from a JSPS BRIDGE Fellowship

Angiogenesis and Lymphangiogenesis in Oral SCCs: Comparison of Japanese and Indian Cases

Asian Pacific J Cancer Prev, 13, 3219-3222

By Professor Chitta Chowdhury, University of Warwick

06 Jun 2013 9th CitizED International Conference


9th CitizED International Conference

Conference theme: "East and West in Citizenship Education: Encounters in Education for Diversity and Democracy”.

Venue and Date: CIC Tokyo: Campus Innovation Center, Tokyo, Japan, 13-15 July 2013

Conference organisers: Professor Norio Ikeno, Hiroshima University and Professor Mitsuharu Mizuyama, Kyoto University of Education.

Further details about the conference may be obtained by writing to

Posted by Dr. Ian Davies, The University of York

Recent papers posted by Dr. Haider Zamen


1. Yo-ichiro Otofuji, Haider Zaman, Makiko Shimoda, Kazuyoshi Aihara, Munemoto Kani, Masahiko Yokoyama, Satoru Ikeda, Hyeon-Seon Ahn and Yutaka Wada (2013), Recognition of ‘cryptochron’ in the polarity subchron C3Ar: Palaeomagnetic results of the Late Miocene lava sequence from Noma Peninsula (Kyushu Island), Japan: Geophysical Journal International (published online: 5 February 2013). 

2. T. Kawamura, M. Hirota, H. Aoki, H. Morinaga, Y. Liu, H. Zaman and Y. Otofuji, (2013)Tectonic deformation in the southern part of the South China Block: Paleomagnetic study of the Early Cretaceous Xinlong Formation from Shangsi Foredeep Depzone in the Guangxi Province. Journal of Geodynamics, 64, 40-53. 

3. Y.I. Otofuji, V.D. Tung, M. Fujihara, M. Tanaka, M. Yokoyama, and K. Kitada and H. Zaman (2012): Tectonic      deformation of the southeastern tip of the Indochina Peninsula during its southward displacement: Paleomagnetic study of the Upper Cretaceous red      beds from the Kontum massif, Vietnam. Gondwana Research, 22 (2 ) , pp.615 - 627. 

4. K. Kondo, C. Mu, T. Yamamoto, H. Zaman, D. Miura, M.Yokoyama, H. S. Ahn and Y.Otofuji (2012):Oroclinal origin of the Simao Arc in the Shan-Thai Block inferred from the Cretaceous palaeomagnetic data. Geophysical Journal International, 190, 201-216. 

5. H. Zaman, Y. Otofuji, S. R. Khan and M. N. Ahmad (2013): New palaeomagnetic data from the northern margin of the Kohistan arc: Never ending tectonic instability after India-Asia collision Arabian Journal of Geosciences, 6 (4), 1041-1054.  

Action sounds recalibrate perceived tactile distance

Publication resulting from research carried out during a JSPS Short Term Postdoctoral Fellowship:

Action sounds recalibrate perceived tactile distance

Current Biology 22(13), R516-R517

First Author Dr. Ana Tajadura Jimenez, University College London

Recent publications posted by Dr. Erica Baffelli, University of Manchester

- Erica Baffelli, Ian Reader (eds.) Aftermath: The Impact and Ramifications of the Aum Affair in Japan. Special Issue of the Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, 39/1, 2012 pp.199.

- Erica Baffelli, Ian Reader, Birgit Staemmler (eds.), Japanese Religions on the Internet: Innovation, Representation, and Authority. London & New York: Routledge, 2011 pp.243.

- Erica baffelli, ‘Hikari no Wa: A New Religion Recovering from Disaster’ Japanese Journal of Religious Studies 39/1(2012): 29–49.

- Erica Baffelli, Ian Reader ‘Editors’ Introduction. Impact and Ramifications: The Aftermath of the Aum Affair in the Japanese Religious Context’ Japanese Journal of Religious Studies 39/1 (2012): 1–28

- Erica Baffelli, Ian Reader  ‘Competing for the Apocalypse: Religious Rivalry and Millennial Transformations in a Japanese New Religion’ International Journal for the Study of New Religions 2/1 (2012):5-28.




05 Jun 2013 UK-Japan Winter School- Nonlinear Analysis


UK-Japan Winter School

Nonlinear Analysis

Royal Academy of Engineering, London

7-11 January 2013

Posted by Professor Jurgen Berndt, King's College London

A reversible process calculus and the modelling of the ERK signaling pathway.


 A reversible process calculus and the modelling of the ERK signaling pathway.

 Proceedings, Reversible Computation 2012, LNCS, volume 7581, pp. 218-232. Springer, 2013.

Co-author Dr. Irek Ulidowski, University of Leicester