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20 Dec 2016 Convection induced by instabilities in the presence of a transverse seepage


Chaos, Solitons and Fractals (Elsevier) – ISSN : 0960-0779, Volume: 91, October 2016 pages 533-543

Authors: Takeshi Akinaga, Tomoaki Itano, Sotos Generalis

Posted by Dr Sotos Generalis, Department of Mathematics, Aston University

19 Dec 2016 Recent Academic Accomplishments posted by Dr Jack Wells, University College London

Papers resulting from research undertaken during a JSPS Pre/Postdoctoral Fellowship in 2014:


Wells JA, Thomas DL, Saga T, Kershaw J, Aoki I. Journal for Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism (2016). MRI of Cerebral Micro-vascular Flow Patterns: A Multi-Direction Diffusion-Weighted ASL Approach.


 Wells JA, Shibata S, Fujikawa A, Takahashi M, Saga T, Aoki I. Nature Scientific Reports (accepted –in press).  Functional MRI of the Reserpine Induced Fibromyalgia Model Reveals Discriminatory Patterns of Functional Augmentation to Acute Nociceptive Stimuli.

13 Dec 2016 Japan and Asia: Representations of Selfness and Otherness


5th Mutual Images Workshop

22nd-23rd April 2017

Nagoya University

For the fifth Mutual Images Workshop, which is taking place on 22-23 April at Nagoya University (Japan), we seek papers aiming to explore representations of Selfness and Otherness in and between Japan and other Asian nations. We are particularly interested in presentations that critically interrogate current imaginations of the self-other, Japan-Asia, modern-pre-modern, and other commonly employed conceptual pairs.

We are soliciting case studies in the fields of literature, visual and media studies, cultural sociology, and the fine and performing arts. We welcome contributions examining the dual role of cultural works as both participant in and product of the discourse on “Selfness” and “Otherness” from the mid-nineteenth century to present day.

This inter-disciplinary workshop is open to both postgraduates and academics at any stage of their career.

For further details of the workshop, please visit:

For any further information, you can contact us at:

Posted by Dr Marco Pellitteri, Kobe University, Japan

01 Dec 2016 Recent academic accomplishments posted by Dr Alexey Piunovskiy, University of Liverpool


(a) Dufour F, Horiguchi M, Piunovskiy AB  Optimal impulsive control of piecewise deterministic Markov processes. STOCHASTICS-AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PROBABILITY AND STOCHASTIC REPORTS 88(7):1073-1098 2016


(b) Horiguchi M, Piunovskiy A.  Optimal stopping model with unknown transition probabilities. Control and Cybernetics 42(3):593-612 2013

A 1998-2013 climatology of Kyushu, Japan: seasonal variations of stability and rainfall


Paper resulting from research undertaken during a JSPS Pre/Postdoctoral Fellowship 2015-2016.

Poulidis and Takemi (2016), International Journal of Climatology, doi: 10.1002/joc.4817

Posted by Dr Alexandros-Panagiotis Poulidis