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13 Feb 2018 Recent academic accomplishments posted by Dr Fabien Arribert Narce, University of Edinburgh


‘Images du Japon dans la littérature française (1970-2015): un goût pour le quotidien’, Contemporary French and Francophone Studies: SITES, vol. 21, n°1 (January 2017), pp. 109–17 


‘Écriture et photographie dans l’oeuvre d’Annie Ernaux’, Invited Lecture, Chuo University, Tokyo, 18 April 2017.

11 Aug 2017 Recent academic accomplishments posted by Dr Mohammad Heidarzadeh


Possible Dual Earthquake-Landslide Source of the 13 November 2016 Kaikura, New Zealand Tsunami. Authors: Mohammad Heidarzadeh; Kenji Satake, Pure and Applied Geophysics (2017), pp 1-13, DOI: 10.1007/S00024-017-1637-4

Link to paper:


"Destructive effects of tsunamis in ports and harbors", University of Tokyo, Wednesday 30th August 2017. This is a joint research seminar between Brunel University London, the University of Tokyo and the Port & Airport Research Institute of Japan.

03 Jul 2017 1st JpGU-AGU joint conference 2017


Japan Geoscience Union - American Geophysical Union. 20-25 May, 2017, Makuhari Messe International Conference Centre Chiba, Tokyo. Invited Session Speaker on International comparison of landscape appreciation.

Posted by Professor Eckart Lange, University of Sheffield.

30 May 2017 Information about Recent Papers and Conference Presentation Posted by Dr Gorana Pobric, University of Manchester


1. Ishibashi R, Pobric G, Saito S & Lambon Ralph MA (2016) The neural network for tool-related cognition: An activation likelihood estimation meta-analysis of 70 neuroimaging contrasts. Cognitive Neuropsychology Vol. 33 , Iss. 3-4


2.  Ishibashi R, Saito S,  Lambon Ralph MA & Pobric G (forthcoming) Enhancing semantic cognition of tools with neurostimulation. To appear in Frontiers of Integrative Neuroscience: Modulating Cortical Dynamics in Language, Speech and Music.


Conference presentation:

1. Ishibashi, Ueno, Saito, Mima, Lambon Ralph & Pobric G,

Title: Enhancing semantic cognition of Japanese two-Kanji words using transcranial direct current stimulation, 15th Annual Convention of Japanese Society for Cognitive Psychology. 3-4 June 2017, Keio University, Tokyo

11 Apr 2017 Recent academic accomplishments posted by Dr Pontus Stenetorp, University College London


Paper presented at the following conference: Neural Architectures for Fine-grained Entity Type Classification, tier-A Conference EACL 2017, Valencia, 3-7 April 2017 (This paper was 1 of 3 out of 119 to be given an "outstanding paper" award)


Leading to a paper in Proceedings of the 15th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics:vol1. long papers,pgs 1271-1280, Valencia, Spain, 3-7 April 2017

30 Mar 2017 Recent academic accomplishments posted by Dr Nadja Reissland Burghart, Durham University


Invited Plenary address:

"The untapped potential of using ultrasound to improve research and clinical practice", The 4th Conference of Society for New Fetal Medicine and Science, Otsu Japan Nov 2016


Invited Plenary address:

“The potential of assessing fetal neurobehavioral development using the  Fetal Observable Movement System (FOMS)”, The 36th Annual Congress of The Japan Academy of Neurosonology Takamatsu, Kagawa, June 23-24 in 2017.


Publication of edited book on foetal development (with Barbara Kisilvesky)

Fetal Development: Research on Brain and Behavior, Environmental Influences, and Emerging Technologies published in Springer, March 2016.

Includes one chapter by Professor Professor Toshiyuki Hata and one chapter by Professor Hideko Takeshita of Otemon University in Ibaraki, Osaka.

07 Jun 2016 Tracing Anthropogenic Osmium in Tokyo Bay Using the Osmium Isotopic Composition of Macroalgae


Goldschmidt conference, Yokohama, Japan, 26 June - 1 July 2016:

Talk by Mr. Adam Sproson, Durham University

03 Mar 2016 Recent Academic Accomplishments Posted by Dr. Jane Alaszewski, SOAS, University of London

1. Alaszewska, Jane and Alaszewski, Andy (2015). Purity and danger: shamans, diviners and the control of danger in pre-modern Japan as evidenced by the healing rites of the Aogashima islanders. Health, Risk and Society volume 17, issue 3-4, 2015


2. Guardians of the Eastern Pacific Borders: A re-examination of the Ritual Performance of Japan’s outlying islands through a case study of the kagura of the Southern Izu islands. 14th International Conference of the European Association of Japanese Studies. Slovenia, Ljubljana 30.8.2014.

3. Southern Izu island Buddhist funeral chants: the lost musical traditions of the monks of Edo. British Forum for Ethnomusicology Annual Conference 2016, 15.04.2016. 

4. Guardians of the Eastern Pacific Borders: The last Urabe diviners of Aogashima island and their relationship to the Izanagi-ryū. International conference on Sea Religion in Japan, University of California, Santa Barbara, June 13-15, 2016.

03 Aug 2015 Recent academic accomplishments posted by Professor Colin Cooper, King's College London


This article describes ongoing joint research collaboration between

the Yamashita Group Theoretical Computer Science Laboratory

at the University of Kyushu, Fukuoka (KyuDai), and the Algorithm

and Bioinformatics group in the Department of Informatics at King's

College London (KCL).


In the academic year 2014-15 this research saw three joint

publications in computer science conferences. The topic of the work

was on consensus and evolution of periodic behaviour in distributed

systems. The conferences are SSS 2015, SIROCCO 2015 and DISC 2015.


The visit of KyuDai PhD student Takeharu Shiraga to King's College

for an extended period during early 2015 contributed greatly to

this research output. Members of the KyuDai group, and a group from

Tokyo Institute of Technology attended and contributed to a

workshop on random walks organized by Prof. Colin Cooper (KCL) and

hosted at the Eurandom Institute in the Netherlands during April


14 Apr 2015 2015 Martial Arts Studies Conference


Conference session:

'The students create the teacher': Participation in a martial arts community of practise

2015 Martial Arts Studies Conference Cardiff University, 10 to 12 June 2015

Posted by Ms. Anna Seabourne, University of Manchester