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15 Mar 2011 The 1st UCL - Tohoku University Symposium 

Date: 15/03/2010
Co-organizer: University College London, Tohoku University

Event Title:
The 1st UCL - Tohoku University
Symposium 'From Cell / Developmental Biology to Neuroscience'
(Announcement / Agenda / Report )

The first UCL - Tohoku University joint symposium.

On March the 15th JSPS London hosted the first ever joint symposium entitled "From Cell/Developmental Biology to Neuroscience" between Tohoku University and UCL. From UCL's Institute of Ophthalmology, Professor Shinichi Ohnuma acted as the principle organiser while Professor Harukazu Nakamura from Tohoku University's Graduate School of Life Sciences brought 7 exciting researchers over from Japan. Effectively utilising the JSPS “Institutional programme for young researcher overseas visit”, applied for by Tohoku University, in order to thrust forward their researcher exchanges and collaborative research projects, both universities worked together with JSPS to plan an extremely vigorous event.

Professor Derek A. Tocher, UCL's Pro-Provost for East and South-east Asia, started the day's proceedings with his opening remarks. Both universities then mutually informed each other, and the large collected audience, of their latest research developments and Tohoku University shed a little more light on their university's structure. JSPS London also gave presentations on JSPS activities and presented a number of programmes which both universities might find useful to accelerate their future work and interaction together. The symposium's planning was ultimately a fantastic success, attracting over 100 participant registrations. Following the symposium the speakers were invited to a dinner event hosted by UCL where they held in depth discussion on the forms which their new collaborative efforts would take.

The following day the Tohoku University delegates were privileged to a tour planned by Professor Ohnuma. Every researcher was led around the laboratories that best related to their own areas of research and given a real chance to conduct an in depth inspection.

Collaborating, disseminating knowledge and strengthening international academic linkages, all parties came together, creating all of the components which are essential for a substantial event with a truly lasting impact.


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