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17 Jan 2012 Chirality and Supramolecular Chemical Synthesis 

Date: 27-28/07/2009
Co-organizer: University of Birmingham

Event Title:
CSCS-09:Chirality and Supramolecular Chemical Synthesis
(Announcement / Report )

Chirality and Supramolecular Chemical Synthesis

On 27-28 July, the JSPS London Office cosponsored a large-scale symposium on " Chirality and Supramolecular Chemical Synthesis" with the University of Birmingham.
The organizer at the University of Birmingham was Dr. John Fossey, who had previously been a JSPS postdoctoral fellow.
Dr. Fossey's host during his two-year research tenure at the University of Tokyo had been Prof. Shu Kobayashi, who was symposium's main speaker.
As a member of the UK JSPS Alumni Association's executive committee, Dr. Fossey has a close relationship with JSPS's London Office.

JSPS's International Program Department director Ms. Mami Oyama opened the symposium by expressing the high expectations that JSPS headquarters holds for the
leading-edge science being advanced by the Japanese and British researchers in this important field. As a concrete example of the form such efforts are taking, she
pointed to this large-scale symposium, organized by former JSPS fellow Dr. Fossey, while emphasizing the need to build international networks particularly among
young researchers on the doctoral and postdoctoral levels. On the second day, JSPS London Office director Prof. Yuko Furukawa gave a presentation on JSPS's
fellowships and its programs for supporting joint research, which struck a chord of high interest with the collaborating Japanese and British researchers.

Among those coming from Japan to address the symposium were Prof. Kobayashi; Prof. Akira Harada,
Osaka University; and Prof. Makoto Fujita, the University of Tokyo. The some 100 people assembled
listened intently to their presentations on cutting-edge research in the subject field and engaged them in vigorous
Q&A discussions. The curtain closed on this very successful two-day event with a parting message from Prof. Nigel P. Weatherill,
head of the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Birmingham, who presided over an award ceremony for the poster
session that had been conducted earlier.

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