29 Apr 2014 Pre departure Seminar and Evening Reception

Pre departure Seminar and Evening Reception on Thursday 24th April 2014 (by invitation only)

Event Programme

Full Report

Selected Presentations:

Overview of JSPS and Preparing for your Research Trip

Mr. Hideyuki Matsumoto, Deputy Director, JSPS London

JSPS Summer Programme 2014

Ms. Polly Watson, International Programme Coordinator, JSPS London

Research Exprerience in Japan

Mr. Andrew Strangeway, Imperial College London

Research Environments in Japanese and UK Institutions

Dr. Wim Van Rossom, University of Southampton

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23 Apr 2014 Change of name to Alumni Association

Today our Tokyo head office formally approved the inclusion of former JSPS fellows based in Ireland to the Alumni Association managed by JSPS London. The name of this Association shall change to “The JSPS Alumni Association of the UK and the Republic of Ireland." Relevant changes to articles of the Association's charter can be found here

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