UK JSPS Alumni Association

JSPS London Symposium and Seminar Scheme

JSPS London's primary aims include publicising academic research from Japan and strengthening collaborative research linkages between the UK or Republic of  Ireland (RoI) and Japan. To help achieve these aims, JSPS London has created this scheme to support events organised by members of the JSPS Alumni Association of the UK and RoI or for Japanese Researchers based in the UK or RoI at institutional or departmental level. These events should aim to create high quality collaboration in cutting edge fields or showcase research in areas where Japan and the UK or RoI are world leading. This could be a symposium (for over 50 participants) or smaller scale seminar (for up to 50 participants). Both kinds of events can either focus on UK or RoI-Japan bilateral collaboration or be part of an international conference that aims to develop trusted multilateral partnerships with Japan and the UK and/or RoI at the centre.

Duration for Event:

1 to 3 days for a symposium and up to 1 day for a seminar.

Number of Events Supported: 

At least 2 in a fiscal year.

Applicable Research Fields:

Open to any research field at higher education institutions.


Applicants must be registered members of the JSPS Alumni Association of the UK and RoI or the JSPS London Network for Japanese Researchers Based in the UK (JBUK) and be based at a university or research institute in the UK or RoI. It is preferable that the applicant's affiliation should be the lead institution. Applicants should also normally be an established academic at this affiliated institution e.g. research team leader, PI or early career researchers with a permanent position.

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