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JSPS London Symposium Series

Date Co-organizer Event Title
09/02/2012 Cancer Research UK

JSPS London Symposium Scheme

Interdisciplinary approaches for the study of senescence

(Announcement / Full Programme / Report)

05-06/01/2012 University of Manchester

UK-Japan Symposium at the University of Manchester

"Risky engagements: encounters between science, art and public health"

(Full Programme / Report)

18-19/08/2011 Cardiff University

JSPS London Symposium Scheme

The Cornea and Tissue Engineering

(Full Programme/ Registration/ Report)

27-29/06/2011 University of York

JSPS London Symposium Scheme

Magnetic Materials and Spintronics

(Programme and Registration/ Report )

28-29/03/2011 Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

Growing Older in Urban Environments: Perspectives from Japan and the UK

(Announcement/ Agenda)

24/02/2011 Loughborough University

JSPS London Symposium Scheme

Sports Engineering : Engineering the Future of Sport

(Announcement / Full Programme / Public Lecture)

10/02/2011 University College London

UCL-JSPS international Symposium

"Mitochondria - from the Fundamental Aspects to Medical Importance"

(Announcement / Agenda)

15/03/2010 University College London, Tohoku University

The 1st UCL - Tohoku University

Symposium 'From Cell / Developmental Biology to Neuroscience'

(Announcement / Agenda / Report )

27-28/07/2009 University of Birmingham

CSCS-09:Chirality and Supramolecular Chemical Synthesis

(Announcement / Report )

22/07/2009 The British Library, Keio University

Keio University / British Library International Symposium

150 years of Keio University: Retrospect and Prospect

(Invitation/Agenda / Report )

19-21/05/2009 University of East Anglia, The University of Tokyo

IR3S-Tyndall Centre Joint Symposium:Pathway toward low carbon society and global sustainability

(Announcement / Report )

13/05/2009 Brighton University, Tokyo University of Agriculuture and Technlogy

UK - Japan Research Funding Seminar with Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

(Agenda / Map / Report )

11/05/2009 Brighton University, Tokyo University of Agriculuture and Technlogy

How universities support industrial innovation; studies from Japan and the U.K.

(Invitation / Agenda / Report )

27-30/04/2009 City University London, Imperial College London, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Cambridge, The University of Tokyo Todai Forum 2009 in the UK (Report)
12-13/02/2009 British Council Japan-UK Higher Education Symposium
15-16/12/2008 Science and Technology Facilities Council, Osaka University UK-Japan Workshop on High Energy Density Science and JSPS-STFC MoU Signing Ceremony
15/10/2008 University of Bath

The University of Bath and JSPS London joint symposium "Metals in Synthesis 2008"

( announcement / report )

16/06/2008 The Royal Society

The Royal Society and JSPS joint symposium to celebrate the publication of an issue of Philosophical Transactions Bentitled: "Japan: its tradition and hot topics in biological sciences"

( announcement / report )

10/06/2008 University of Cambridge
Shinshu University

Joint Symposium with University of Cambridge and Shinshu University"Cadaveric Liver Transplantation and Living Donor LiverTransplantation"

( announcement / report )

14/07/2007 University of Sheffiled Risk in East Asia: perspectives from politics, market and society ( announcement )
27/04/2007 University College London

"Frontiers of Neuroscience" - Major advancements in medical research and their applications

( announcement )

28-29/09/2006 Imperial College London

UK-Japan (JSPS-Imperial College London-University of Tokyo) Symposium on Climate Change

( report )

8-9/09/2005 University of College London Cognition and Action
10-11/09/2004 University of Glasgow Governing university research: Historical and comparative perspectives
25-27/07/2003 University of Sheffield Beyond Globalization in Japan and Asia: A Multilevel Approach
24-25/03/2003 University of Oxford Nano-materials Seminar
10/01/2003 University of Oxford Ion Channels and Transporters
03/12/2001 University of Cambridge Nuclear reprogramming and cell differentiation of stem cells in vertebrates
01-02/12/2000 Babraham Institute Intracellular Signalling

The Royal Society, Royal Academy of Engineering,

Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)

Engineering in Japan
15-16/04/1998 University of Cambridge Research for Next Generation
17-18/10/1996 University of Birmingham Cooperation Between Academia and Industry
19-20/10/1995 University of Oxford Science and Society
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