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JSPS London Symposium/Seminar Scheme

JSPS London's primary aims include publicising academic research from Japan and strengthening collaborative research linkages between the UK or Republic of  Ireland (RoI) and Japan. To help achieve these aims, JSPS London has created this scheme to support events organised by members of the JSPS Alumni Association of the UK and RoI or for Japanese Researchers based in the UK or RoI at institutional or departmental level. These events should aim to create high quality collaboration in cutting edge fields or showcase research in areas where Japan and the UK or RoI are world leading. This could be a symposium (for over 50 participants) or smaller scale seminar (for up to 50 participants). Both kinds of events can either focus on UK or RoI-Japan bilateral collaboration or be part of an international conference that aims to develop trusted multilateral partnerships with Japan and the UK and/or RoI at the centre.



Applicable research fields

All fields at higher education institutions

Duration for Event 1 to 3 days for a symposium / up to 1 day for a seminar
Terms of Funding

・An international air ticket, accommodation and daily allowance for speakers from Japan (up to 3 people)

・Funding towards the venue, catering, advertisement, material printing and costs of publication arising from the event besed on the condition below.

 For the seminar:up to £1,000 

 For the bilateral symposium:up to £1,500

 For the multilateral symposium:up to £2,000

Latest Call of JSPS London Symposium/Seminar Scheme

List of symposiums


Title of Symposium

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2019 JSPS-Crick Symposium on Gut Circuits

Dr Yuuki Obata,
Francis Crick Institute

International comparison and collaboration in medical sociology: research initiatives, challenges and future prospects. Dr Hiroto Shimizu,
Cardiff University
Technology-supported Community Care in Japan and Ireland Dr Naonori Kodate,
University College Dublin
Gender inequality and gendered time use throughout the life course in East Asia Dr Ekaterina Hertog,
University of Oxford
2018 Evaluating the Long-Term Effect Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident Mr Peter Martin,
University of Bristol
Statistical Penalisation Methods and Dimension Reduction Methods for Economic and Financial Analysis Prof Takashi Yamagata,
University of York
"SHITSUKAN" approach to digital colour sensing: human colour vision for material quality Dr Fumie Costen,
University of Manchester
UK-Japan Symposium on High Speed Rail Dr Sakdirat Kaewunruen,
University of Birmingham
2017 Cell Competition in Development and Cancer Dr Masazumi Tada,
University College London
Stem Cells and the Eye Prof Andrew Quantock,
Cardiff University
Tenko in Trans-war Japan: Politics international workshop Dr Irena Hayter,
University of Leeds
2017 Portsmouth Translation Conference: Translation and Disruption - Global and Local Perspectives Dr Akiko Sakamoto,
University of Portsmouth
Magnonics 2017 Dr Hidekazu Kurebayashi,
University College London
2016 Intercultural Communication and International Universities Dr. Adam Brandt,
Newcastle University
UK-Japan Seminar on the Politics and Practices of 'Low Fertility and Ageing Population' in Post-War Japan Dr. Aya Homei,
University of Manchester
Bio-Inspired Soft Robotics Dr. Fumiya Iida,
University of Cambridge
From Single Molecules to Cells and Tissues  Dr. Kayoko Tanaka,
University of Leicester
2015 Pupil Informatics Symposium Sponsored by JSPS London Professor John Barbur,
City University London
Loch Lomond Symposium on Action Anticipation Dr. Jonathan Delafield,
Strathclyde University
JSPS UK-Japan Symposium on Atomic and Molecular Manipulation:Force and Tunnel Current in Scanning Probe Microscopy Dr. Adam Sweetman,
University of Nottingham
Deconstructing Boundaries: Is 'East Asian Art History' possible?  Dr. Eriko Tomizawa-Kay
School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London
2015 UK-Japan Silicon Nanoelectronics and Nanotechnology Symposium in Southampton Dr. Yoshishige Tsuchiya,
University of Southampton
2014 Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality  Dr. Taku Komura,
University of Edinburgh
From Duplexes to Quadruplexes-Understanding DNA Structure and Function  Dr. John Brazier,
University of Reading
Nanoscale Physics of Quantum Materials Dr. Oscar Cespedes,
University of Leeds
Interscale Transfers and Flow Topology in Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Turbulence Dr. Christopher Keylock,
University of Sheffield
The Universe in the Light of AKARI and Synergy with Future Large Space Telescopes Dr. Christopher Pearson,
University of Oxford
 2013   Measuring Accessibility by Mapping Mobility  Dr. Catherine Holloway,
University College London 
Jokichi Takamine: 130 years of Glasgow-Japan collaboration  Dr Rodolfo Marquez,
University of Glasgow  
Safeguarding the intangible  Dr. Naomi Matsumoto
Goldsmiths College, University of London
Magnetic Materials and Spintronic Devices Dr. Atsufumi Hirohata, 
University of York
2012 Mechanochemical Cell Biology Associate Prof Masanori Mishima,
University of Warwick
Mitochondria - from the Fundamental Aspects to Medical Importance Dr. Takehiro Yasukawa,
University College London (UCL)
CSIS-JSPS International Smart Infrastructure Symposium Professor Kenichi Soga,
University of Cambridge
Building resilient and adaptable infrastructure and society- drawing on the experiences of the Tohoku Professor Taku Fujiyama,
University College London
UK-Japan Energy Materials Conferences 2012 Professor Rachel Thomson,
Loughborough University
2011 The Cornea and Tissue Engineering Professor Andrew Quantock,
Cardiff University 
Interdisciplinary Approaches for the Study of Senescence Dr. Masashi Narita,
Cancer Research UK
Magnetic Materials and Spintronics Dr. Atsufumi Hirohata,
University of York 
2010 Mitochondria-from the fundamental aspects to medical importance Dr. Takehiro Yasukawa,
University College London (UCL)
Sports Engineering : Engineering the Future of Sport Dr. Ruth Goodridge,
Loughborough University