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Summer Programme

The JSPS Summer Program provides opportunities for young pre- and post-doctoral researchers from Europe and North America to receive an orientation on Japanese culture and research systems and to pursue research under the guidance of host researchers at Japanese universities and research institutes over a period of two months during the summer.

(world wide)
100 per year (including 10 to 20 for the UK)
Duration of Stay 2 months in summer
Application Method Applications are submitted through foreign nominating authorities. British nationals can apply through the British Council, Tokyo.
Application Period: January
Coverage of Fellowship
  • Return air ticket
  • Maintenance allowance ¥534,000
  • Research support allowance: ¥158,500
  • Overseas travel, accident and sickness insurance coverage
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Guidance video about JSPS Summer Programme

YouTube: JSPSサマー・プログラム/JSPS Summer Program