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Royal Society International Collaboration Awards – New Funding Call to Support UK - Japan Collaborations

21 September 2023

The Royal Society has opened a call for applications for International Collaboration Awards which will provide funding for newly independent researchers who are building their own group in the UK and Japan to jointly develop international research collaborations.

Researchers can apply to the Royal Society for funds of up to £225,000 for three years.

This call aims to support the development of sustainable and mutually beneficial collaborative partnerships; generate original research; and build the capabilities of newly independent researchers and their groups to conduct, manage, share and apply high quality research through sharing of knowledge, skills and exchange of people.

Research must be within the Royal Society’s remit of natural sciences, a summary of the subject groups and areas supported by the Royal Society can be found at the following link: https://royalsociety.org/grants-schemes-awards/grants/subject-groups/

Application Deadline: 19th October 2023.

Further details are available on the Royal Society website at the following link: https://royalsociety.org/grants-schemes-awards/grants/international-collaboration-awards-ispf/

Enquires should be sent to: collaboration.awards@royalsociety.org

FY2024 JSPS London Call for the Short Term Pre/Postdoctoral Fellowships for Research in Japan (first call of two for FY2024)

15 September 2023

This programme provides the opportunity for short-term visits for pre- and post-doctoral UK researchers and European, North American and Canadian researchers based in the UK and Ireland, for cooperative research with leading research groups at Japanese Universities and Institutions. The programme is designed to provide researchers with first-hand experience of the research and living environment in Japan, whilst expanding academic exchange between Japan and the UK or Ireland. Researchers from any fields; Computer, Engineering, Health, Biological, Life, Natural and Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Humanities and Social Sciences etc. are eligible to apply. Awards will cover visits of 1 to 12 months.

Fellowship Start Period: 1st May 2024 to 31st March 2025

Closing Date: Monday 30th October, 2023 at 23:59

Completed applications should be sent to JSPS London using the following e mail address: short-termaward@jsps.org  Any applications received by post or after the closing date will not be accepted.

Please download and carefully read the following 9 documents before starting your application:

01 General Award Information for Applicants

02 Guidelines for Completing your Application

03 Abstract 

04 Subject Area Form for the Natural and Physical Sciences  

05 Subject Area Form for the Humanities and Social Sciences 

06 Application Form

07 Application Checklist

08 Notes for Referees

09 Reference Form

The 8th University of Cambridge and University of Tokyo Joint Symposium: Trusted Research and International Research Collaboration

14 September 2023

Tuesday 26th September 2023, 9:00 to 12:10 GMT/ 17:00 to 20:10 JST


International research collaboration is key to tackling and navigating contemporary global challenges, such as climate change, global health and sustainable development. Emerging geopolitical tensions and uncertainties have posed challenges for researchers to engage in international collaboration safely and securely. There is an increasing need to minimise risks associated with operating within a global research and innovation ecosystem while maximising the opportunities. In this session, keynote speakers from the University of Cambridge, The University of Tokyo, UKRI and JSPS (the Director of JSPS London, Professor Naoto Kobayashi), will discuss trusted research, responsible research and innovation, ways of collaboration and opportunities for UK-Japan research collaboration. The aim is to raise awareness of trusted research and discuss how to minimise risks and maximise opportunities for international research collaboration amid emerging geopolitical tensions.

The seminar will be held both in-person and online. For more information and to register please visit:


FUNDING CALL: FY2024 JSPS and The Royal Society Joint Call for Bilateral Research Projects

14 August 2023

This scheme is based on an agreement with The Royal Society. JSPS will cover the costs of the Japan team, and The Royal Society will cover the costs of the UK team.  

- It is intended that JSPS and The Royal Society will fund the same joint research projects.

- The counterpart UK team leader is to submit an application to The Royal Society. Applications submitted by one side only will not be accepted. Japan and UK team leaders should therefore be sure that their counterpart submits a matching application.

*Please note under this scheme only joint research projects are supported and not Seminars. 

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